Spreading holiday cheer

This year’s holiday season comes on the heels of one of the most contentious presidential elections in U.S. History. The ascending of one candidate on the tide of the angriest voters should give everyone – regardless of political party – pause for thought.

If, like me, you’re weary of all the negativity and nastiness and you’d like to escape into some holiday insanity AND maybe even plant some seeds of goodwill, here are a few ways that qualify not only as good deeds but as going HIGH as so much of the news goes low.

– give money to your local food bank. There are always those whose cupboards are bare more often than full.

– adopt a family from your local Salvation Army (or other charity) and provide a Santa-worthy Christmas for them (you’ll have fun shopping, I promise!)

– tip a server or hairdresser with a ridiculously generous tip; you won’t miss it and the holiday cheer you’ll spread will be bigger than the tip itself!

– buy or make small, happy gifts (e.g. an ornament), carry them with you and hand out randomly to people who need a smile (and it’s best to leave preachy or religious messages off – just give!)

– pay for someone in line behind you at the coffee shop, ice cream store, card store – whatever fits your fancy and budget

– be kind in traffic! It’s amazing how much cheer can be spread by kindness in rush hour

– respect others’ holiday preferences (they’re as important to them as yours are to you)

– remember that there are many different practices across the world that celebrate this season. Be cognizant that it’s not all about you/your family’s traditions

These are just a few ways to balance the energy in the air today here in the USA and there are surely many more terrific ways to let your holiday light shine.

Shine on!

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