Star Power

Lately when traveling I’ve noticed a number of people staring at me and smiling. Sometimes I catch someone nudging their partner and nodding in my direction. This usually happens when I’m traveling a la business attire; not jeans and almost always a black jacket and scarf. Not sure if this matters but it’s a consistent theme.

I used to think people were just being friendly. Then on my last trip I had a young man – fast food worker – who kept smiling and sweeping the same spot by my table at a 5-Guys burger place.

I should also point out that it’s an all or nothing proposition: either I’m getting the stares and smiles all day or I’m not. After three or four instances I check to make sure my zipper isn’t down, and my boobs are tucked appropriately into my shirt. Then I figure “what the heck – better smiles than rudeness!” – right!?

I have come to the conclusion that I must slightly resemble someone famous, which is amusing on several a levels; not the least of which being that for years people thought my father was British actor Michael Kane. 

Whoever it is that people think I am – traveling incognito with the unwashed masses – I hope it’s someone fabulous and not an old washed-up porn star!


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