A 29 Day Journey



As we prepare to say goodbye to the month of November and move full-speed into December I was pleased to be reminded this morning of the book, “29 Gifts” by Cami Walker.

I wrote about this book about a year ago when I first discovered it and was thankful to be reminded about it again this weekend.

Cami Walker wrote the book after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis very shortly after getting married. She writes openly and honestly about her reactions to the diagnosis, and her journey toward peace, found within the advice she gleaned from an African healer she met in Los Angeles.

The concept is simple: commit to giving something to someone at least once a day for 29 days and watch the miracles in your life unfold.

Before some of you protest and say, “I don’t have anything to give – I’m barely hanging on here!” be aware that giving does not need to be something that you buy.

Can you give someone you time to listen?

Can you share a smile with a stranger?

Can you give a kind word to someone who needs to hear it?


You get the picture.

I have learned that to increase our prosperity we must activate the Law of Circulation,…by giving. The more we give – authentically, from the heart – the more that returns to us. What we put out there returns to us: if we are generous with the world, the world is generous with us. And this applies to more than money. If you are rich in money but poor in time, health/wellness, peace, joy – you might want to try this out and see how this transforms your experience.

I believe that today we are sitting at the perfect point on the calendar for setting up a flow of positivity into our lives in the coming year. If we begin the 29 Gifts challenge on December 1 and stick with it through December 29; then use December 30 and 31 to reflect on what we have learned,…just imagine all the positive seeds we are planting for 2016!

You can download the 29 Gifts Journal (it’s printable, too!) so you can write about what you gave each day and document your path to a more open heart, and a richer life experience.

I’m looking forward to re-reading this book and taking the 29-day giving journey again. I invite you to join me and welcome your stories along the way! Leave as a comment here or send me an email.


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