Aliens: more human than we think?

ThreeGreysI am certain that Earth is not the only planetary body inhabited with life, and I’m pretty sure, after observing human behavior for the past several decades, that we’re fairly primitive as advanced life forms go. If you haven’t watched History Channel’s H2 series, Ancient Aliens and you’re curious about the possibility of life outside of this solar system, that show is worth a few views. Granted, there are some folks on there whom you might not want to take as a pal to the office holiday party, BUT – if you can look past what some may classify as ‘weird” and really listen to the research and historical foundations that they cite, you have to at least have a curiosity about the potential connections.

I am squarely in the camp that this is possible, and while I don’t buy everything posited on the show, I think there is a general logic to many of the assumptions. That may immediately move my icon in your book to the “weirdo!” column, and if so – that’s OK. This is not a “Coming Out” blog for alien believers 🙂 but you need this background to get anything out of the rest of this post.

On that same channel (H2) and several others (Destination America, e.g.) there are a whole host of shows about Aliens, abductions, UFO’s and such. Very often the UFO abduction stories feature the most unlikely folks, and I’ll admit I have wondered why, if aliens are intelligent, they often seem to abduct and extract DNA from people that we probably wouldn’t recommend as representative of our brightest and best. One regular commentator summarized this well when he said that he doesn’t believe that every UFO abduction story is true and suspects that a lot of them are people seeking attention, or their 15-minutes of fame,….BUT – there is an interesting (and scary!) consistency among the more credible reports that crosses cultural and language barriers, and makes you wonder if there just isn’t some truth to these stories on some level.

I was pondering this last week when I arrived home and the cats were watching one of these reports on abductions that was pretty intense, and somewhat frightening. It had been investigated and deemed to be a reasonable report by MUFON, meaning that it wasn’t a group of people looking for notoriety. The more I thought about  the persistence of these reports, my obsession with work and workplace issues began to mingle with this topic and I began to consider a theory, based on questions that I’ve had for some time.

Question #1: Why do only SOME people get abducted by Aliens?

If we believe that there is the possibility that this has happened,… why only a handful of times and why the people we see reporting it?

If these aliens are so advanced that they can travel millions of light years away and return home after harvesting or extracting whatever it is that they are extracting,… why only the sporadic episodes? You would think they’d want more and more, and a different variety (I would think so, anyway).

This line of thinking then leads me to ask:

Question #2: What if MOST of us on earth have been (or will be) abducted by aliens at some point, but a majority of us are lucky (?) enough to be abducted by the smarter aliens that do their jobs without waking us up and scaring the bee-geezus out of us?

Think about this for a minute: when is the last time you witnessed or were the recipient of someone who wasn’t doing a very good job of whatever task they were charged with completing?

  • ink tags left on clothes you purchase at the store (requiring you to return to the store to have them removed)
  • retail clerks giving you a bag filled with someone else’s items (or giving one of your bags away)
  • car dealer who promises to wash your car every time you get service, who somehow never does (“our car washer called off today”) ,…how convenient
  • professor whose assignments contradict everything he/she taught in class
  • medical assistant who somehow always gets a 120/80 reading on your Blood Pressure (really!?)
  • construction crew who leaves work undone
  • bank teller who forgets to return your driver’s license
  • surgeon/nurse who leaves a surgical sponge in your abdomen
  • server/waitstaff who forgets your bread, your drink refills, their manners
  • think of all the AUTOMOBILE RECALLS!!! (talk about bad performance!)
  • and so on…

What if we have more in common with the rest of the lifeforms out there than we originally believed? If that’s the case, it’s not at all hard to fathom that some of them are just sloppy alien abductors – you know, as bad at their jobs as some of the folks we’ve dealt with here on good old Terra Firma…

It’s small comfort I suppose if you’re one of the abductees that does remember. It can’t be comforting to realize that you pulled the short straw on Alien Intelligence; sort of like getting the ugly girl or pimply boy to square dance with in gym class…(I know, I know – they grow up to be rich technology moguls, but you got the visual, didn’t you?!)

So before you dismiss all those Alien Abduction stories as bull-hockey,…consider being grateful that your visiting aliens are the competent ones that follow protocol: they arrived undetected, transported you undisturbed into their spacecraft, performed all sorts of testing and extraction and returned you to your bed without ever disturbing you.

I sometimes ponder this on those mornings when I wake up with no dream recall, after sleeping so deeply that it is hard to wake up.

Good night’s sleep or high-tech anesthesia hangover?!

We may never know!!!



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