Checking in

If you’ve been journaling for prosperity now for more than a week, you may be enjoying it – or you may be wondering if this is all worth it. I think those are normal perspectives, and many have shared both – sometimes switching between these emotions in a single week.

The important thing is that you’re thinking about abundance, prosperity and your relationship to the concepts; and that you are (hopefully) contemplating them in a different way.

So often, we calculate our wealth based on what we can earn from an employer and “we know” what they offer in terms of raises and promotions. Don’t forget the woman who thought her salary was capped,…until she took herself out of that mindset and embarked on her abundance journey.

We think we’re so smart. We’re sure we know all the possibilities,…and none are looking good, so we sink into a funk (money can do that as quick as anything, right?)

If we can pull ourselves up, commit to looking at out prosperity in a new way, the possibilities and potential for us is truly unlimited.

It’s not too late to start, and all you have to lose is a mindset of “lack”.


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