Abundance Journey Case Study

Moon in SkyWe’re 5 days from the Full Moon, which means that if you haven’t begun your Abundance Journey you have 5 days before the moon and it’s lunar pull work contrary to starting new projects,…for at least 14 days, anyway.

I thought that today I would share a case study to highlight how this process works. If you are reading the Abundance Book you know that in Part II after introducing the 40-day prosperity plan, the author shares some “testimonials” from folks who have undertaken the 40-day abundance journey.

Today I will share with you a similar, but very current case study.

I often work with people as a coach in various life-skill areas, helping them to shift the way they think about themselves; their lives – and to change their perspective to impact positive change for themselves. Recently I began coaching a young woman in the area of prosperity.  After my usual assessment of how she talks about money and abundance, I recommended she read the Abundance Book that I have been discussing here on this blog. She was eager to give it a try.

Like many of us, it took her a few fits and starts before she was able to consistently journal, but at the end of this month she will complete the 40-day trek. Although conscious of her need to change how she thinks about money, she would still often catch herself saying, “I’m at the top of my salary range – I’ll have to get a new job to make more money.”  She’s been improving and the last time she started to say that, she caught herself! After all, old thinking habits don’t easily go away – it takes conscious effort!

Earlier this week, I heard from her. Apparently, things have shifted at work and a new policy came down from corporate and everyone her work classification is in line for a 7% across the board raise and potentially a bonus, based on last year’s performance! She was virtually squealing as she told me the story.

Although excited for her, I am no longer shocked by these reports. I know that abundance and wealth is a mindset; I know that changing to this mindset can change things in your life. She sought more abundance in her life, and although she was in a circumstance that  looked impossible unless she took action (like changing jobs), the universe shifted and she can stay at her present job AND enjoy increased prosperity.

As I shared about my own 40-day journey experience, it is truly “that simple“,… but it’s not easy. You have to let go of what you have known – put away those spreadsheets and stop listening to the “rules” that say things like “your salary is capped”.

Are you ready for change? It’s ready and waiting for you.


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