Let’s Begin


It’s officially 2014 and time to begin our journey.

You will need a journal or notebook.

Date the page and jot down your thoughts around the following statements. It’s important to log your immediate and true reactions.

1) When I see people with a lot of  money (more than I have), I feel…

2)  When I think about having a lot of money, the voice in my head says: (this is often your mother’s voice or someone else who has/had a lot of influence on your growing up.These are often things like “people like us shouldn’t have a lot of money” or “that kind of money ruins people” or something similar.

3) to get more money substance flowing into my life, I believe that I need to:

4) Write some short sentences that describe why you are participating in an Abundance journey. You don’t have to share these but it will help you to look back on this later in the process.

Hopefully you’ve gotten your copy of The Abundance Book. If not, perhaps it is on its way from Amazon or some other bookseller.

If you have your book, please read Part I: Tracing the Principle of All-Sufficiency including the section titled, “The Truth and the Law“.

If you don’t have a copy, you can catch up when it arrives – it’s a relatively quick read.

That’s it for now!

Happy reading and don’t forget to answer the questions above before we move on.

One thought on “Let’s Begin

  1. […] 5 days from the Full Moon, which means that if you haven’t begun your Abundance Journey you have 5 days before the moon and it’s lunar pull work contrary to starting new […]

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