Foundations in Abundance Thinking

A_woman_thinkingIf you are unfamiliar with the teachings of prosperity and abundance, you may want to do some surfing or light reading on some of the teachers and writings on this topic. There is no shortage of writings and they date back in some cases, thousands of years.

Edwene Gaines, Unity minister and metaphysical prosperity teacher, likes to quote the book of Malachi (3:10)

‘Prove me now herewith’, said the Lord of hosts, ‘if I will not open you the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it.’ ”  You can see more of Edwene in this YouTube video from a talk she gave in 2011.

Ralph Waldo Emerson on abundance: “Man was born to be rich, or grows rich by the use of his faculties, by the union of thought with nature.

Ernest Holmes on prosperity: “Prosperity is the out-picturing of substance in our affairs. Everything in the Universe is for us. Nothing is against us. Life is ever giving of Itself. We must receive, utilize and extend the gift. Success and prosperity are spiritual attributes belonging to all people, but not necessarily used by all people.”

– – – – –

These are but a few of the many teachers and writings on the nature of abundance. You could easily download and read all these books, and travel the same or similar paths that I and others have traveled, and there – that’s all I need to tell you: go read some stuff, BUT… these are not treasure maps to find gold, nor get-rich-quick schemes, or ways to manifest an armored car delivering bags of money to your porch as you sleep on the couch watching your stories on TV.

The key to shifting from a life of LACK to a life of abundance is in your perspective.

Yeah, OK – whatever – then never mind.”

If that’s how you feel, you’re not ready to learn these principles. It’s often said that the teacher will appear when the student is ready, so if you’re thinking something like the above statement, you’re not ready, and that’s OK.

If you ARE ready, there’s a lot to be learned, and new opportunities to be found. I started the Abundance Journey in Price’s Abundance Book 3 times before I was able to complete it. Prior to starting the journey I had tried to refinance my home several times. I wanted to take advantage of the lower interest rates, and if possible within a reasonable framework, pay off some debt with the equity I had in my home. I did NOT want to position myself precariously, or refinance and get little return for the time and trouble. It didn’t appear that I had many options that I was willing to take, so I had given up and determined that I would take on some more consulting work to pay down some of the debt that had run up (and I really didn’t want to take on additional work).

As I came to the end of my 3rd attempt at completing the Abundance Journey, I felt compelled to reach out again to 2 banks. I had talked to both of them before and the deals were not worth it at that time. In my first go-round in looking for a refinance package, one guy (at the bank I eventually worked with to refinance!) said, “Yeah, that’s all we can do for you so I understand if you want to pass.”

Long story short, as I worked through the journey and changed my perspective on abundance, something somewhere shifted. I was able to get a better deal on refinancing than I was hoping for, and I am in a much stronger position financially,….and didn’t need to take on additional consulting work to do so. Without divulging too much personal data, the new refinance option enabled me to maintain conservative financing (fixed term & rate), I still owe less than the house is worth, and I added more than $700 a month to my available budget by eliminating some of the debt in the refinance. $700/month is what the HR-types like to call a “measurable outcome“.

“Well, the market shifted and it would have anyway whether you read the book or not.”   ((Perhaps))

“You could have changed your mind on what you wanted in a refinance, too.”   ((Yes, I could have changed my mind. I didn’t, but point taken))

If you’re feeling this way, you may have already answered all your own questions about prosperity and probably don’t need to read any further, and I wish you well in your continued journey!

HOWEVER, if you’re still curious, you might want to get the paperback or eBook and follow along over the next couple months as we discuss the principles of Abundance and Prosperity as spiritual concepts. The MOST you can lose in this is the cost of the book, and a few minutes each day for journaling and pondering. For some of you, that may not be worth it; but if you’re stuck in the area of abundance in your life, and don’t have a better idea, this may be an option for you. I invite you to come along on this journey.

Requirements to participate:

  • an open mind
  • ~$10 to cover the cost of the book and shipping (less for the eBook) Click here to find books
  • the self-discipline to do some work on this every day (if you miss a day you have to start over at the beginning)
  • a willingness to contemplate yourself as a spiritual being having a physical experience, which means that there are principles you may not have contemplated that can help you,…if you are willing to entertain them
  • no particular religious perspective is required; this is a spiritual concept, & very different from the ‘box’ within which most religious teachings are confined – which means it’s open to anyone who is open to learn

If you prefer a Get-Rich-Quick scheme, I would encourage you to read my blog on the Law of Attraction, first.

I look forward to leading you on this journey in 2014!

To join the 1st Abundance for 2014 cohort group, fill out this form (all information kept confidential and never sold or shared with other parties): this data is collected so I can send out reminders since the Abundance Journey is a daily task. You can opt out at any time. You can also set your own reminder on your Outlook or Google calendar and remind yourself – either way is OK by me.

– – – – –

Email me with your questions,… and here’s to a wonderful 2014!

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