The Abundance Blog

After Christmas, the predictable TV commercials for weight loss programs, debt relief and home gym equipment pepper the airwaves.

Our post-holiday hangovers are predictably represented by the plethora of quick-fixes offered to us as a penance, of sorts. Most of the time, money is all you lose, and let’s face it – we already accomplished letting loose of a ton of money in the run-up to Christmas, right!?

How about switching it up this year? Ignore the sales pushes and focus on creating abundance in 2014, and sustain that abundance beyond the life expectancy of most New Year’s resolutions.

Starting in January, I’ll share key concepts from a book that has helped many shift from a perspective of lack to a life of abundance.

For the small investment of an eBook (not mine, and I get no kick-back from recommending it), you can shift 2014 and choose a path to a new direction!


Check back soon for more details!

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