Quick Tally

I went shopping over the weekend and while grabbing the cat and dog food I was there to acquire, I made some quick purchases related to the previous blog, and Meal #1.

Canned chili was available from several brands, and I chose Campbell’s Chunky which was on sale for $1.50 for the can. I had a $1.00 off coupon if I bought 2 Chunky products, so I did, bringing the cost of the chili to $1.00

One can of mixed vegetables ranged from 98-cents (Veg-All brand) to $1.18 for DelMonte’s version and a box of pasta that reports to serve 8 ranged in price from 98-cents to $1.28

Total meal cost, excluding drink: $2.23

(Chili $1.00; Del Monte mixed veggies (1/2 can): $0.59; San Giorgio pasta – medium shells (1/2 box): $0.64)

The even the dollar menu at the Drive Thru can’t beat this!

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