The Sunny Side

Worth sharing a second time…


sunshineWell, I’m over my anti-work rant (for now, anyway).  For the sake of full disclosure, after I ranted, I did put in more than 10 hours of my weekend to get the project done (grumble, mumble, spit, curse, kick the trash can – there,…I feel better now).

One thing that can make the days at the old grindstone better is focusing your attention on the good things around you. Yes, yes – I realize that you work for Ebenezer Scrooge, and Cruella Deville is your division director, but there are many other people around you and many that feel like you, or at the very least, they recognize the dysfunction. If your work place is like mine, these people very often make your day a little easier; a little brighter.

Last year in the midst of great despair as I rode a tsunami of dysfunction (6 bosses in 10 months kind of dysfunction)…

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