Hump Day

Worth repeating here,…even though it’s S.H.I.T. day 🙂


CamelAt the risk of appearing to copy a funny, current TV commercial set in your typical cubical farm,…today was hump day. In a traditional working circumstance this means that there are only 2 more days to slog it out until nirvana – no alarm clock, no boss, no goofy colleagues that you have to be nice to or risk getting counseled for your attitude – you know what I mean!

YAY! Wa-HOO! Whoopie!

Wait – hold on – oh yeah, I forgot. I gotta go to job #2 (and finish a project for job #3). Or at least I did that year I was working 4 jobs. That was the year that I juggled vacation days from Job #1, so I could complete work and meet deadlines for jobs 2, 3 and 4, so time away was never really down time.

If you’re working Job #2 at the mall or…

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