That Sunday Dread


Just a quick add-on blog about the feeling that many of us know too well:

You know what I mean – it’s a gorgeous Summer Sunday afternoon here in the Northern hemisphere. You are having fun, or relaxing and enjoying the weekend – your time away from the boss, and the stress and the baloney at work, and then it happens: the trigger.tick-tock

The “trigger” is anything that interrupts your bliss with a loud (in your head) TICK-TOCK, TICK-TOCK that reminds you that in less than a day, you’ll be back in your cube, or on the road, or at the airport, or on the clinical floor, or on the manufacturing line… and your stomach churns a little; your neck and jaw tighten, and poof! The happy and relaxing mood of your weekend is gone and you know you’re not going to feel it again until you’ve put in another…

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