Lose Something? Try the ‘Golden Thread’ Technique


Among (many) other things, I am a student of new thought spirituality and participate in a local Center for Spiritual Living community.  The focus, or the “What We Believe” of the Centers for Spiritual Living is nicely summarized in the words of the founder of the movement, Ernest Holmes.

(( Some members of the “peanut gallery” (i.e.family members) said this blog was too long, so I’m eliminating the long list and adding a LINK so you can get right to the story of the Golden Thread. ))  Here’s the link:  What We Believe

In a nutshell, everything is in Mind, or consciousness, and while this particular blog is not intended to go into the metaphysical foundations of Science of Mind, it’s important in relation to finding things that are lost.  When we lose something, it could be that we have dropped it, misplaced it, forgotten where we put it, or – in the case of my grandchildren’s cat – it may have wandered off of its own accord.

Consciousness ,…cats, …what?!?

Figgy the Cat

Figgy the Cat

‘Figgy’ the cat had slipped out of my daughter’s house and instead of returning within 24 hours as he always did, he remained gone for several weeks. I was heart-broken.  My grandchildren missed their cat. My grandson had drawn a picture of him to hang over his bed to remember him, because Figgy had always gone upstairs and slept with him at night, moving back and forth between their beds. I was sad that the poor thing was lost, and could only imagine all the outcomes – most were not pleasant – and yet something deep inside of me kept saying that he was alive and well. I continued to drive past their old house in the event that he had made his way across 2 boroughs to his old stomping grounds, but no such luck.  We were about 4 weeks into him being gone when someone introduced me to the Golden Thread technique.There are several ways to initiate the Golden Thread technique.  Some people use affirmative prayer as a precursor, while others use meditation.  The technique is less important than the intention. I know people who have found lost cars, keys, wallets, and even $10,000 cash that was misplaced in a house for almost a year. I used the Golden Thread to find my grandkids’ cat and though he was a rescued stray, I know that he was worth way more than $10,000 to them.  He had been a part of their family since he was a tiny kitten.


Here’s how I found ‘Figgy’

Simply stated, there is One collective conscious Mind and everything (knowledge, or Truth) is contained in that Mind. As individual expressions of this conscious Mind, we have access to that “everything” so we have access to the location of lost things.

I wrote a treatment for finding ‘Figgy’ and at the end of that treatment, in my mind, I imagined tying a thin, golden thread around him like a harness. I imagined a thin cord, metallic-gold in color and texture; like sewing thread.  I then imagined gently pulling that harness toward me, nudging the wayward cat back toward our family.

I then went about my day, but each time ‘Figgy’ crossed my mind, I would mentally tug on that golden thread, pulling him closer and closer.

I kept this up, and continued to affirm that ‘Figgy’ was home, stating the desired outcome as if it had already occurred. Several days went by, then a week. I continued to tug on that harness every time that wandering cat came into my thoughts.

One Thursday, my entire family left town.  My parents were visiting my sister on the other side of the state, and my kids had gone north to visit their father’s family.  They had all been gone about a day when my cell phone rang. It was my daughter.

Animal control had ‘Figgy’ in custody in the neighboring borough and the officer would be there for the next hour if I wanted to go pick him up. The microchip that the Veterinarian had implanted in ‘Figgy’ when they first adopted him led to the notification, so I sped down to the “holding cell” where a very grateful, but tentative ‘Figgy’ came out from under the bench and nuzzled my hand.

Jail Break!

Jail Break!

You may be skeptical; that’s your right as a free citizen but after more than 6 weeks missing, most people were fairly sure ‘Figgy’ was a goner; most people, but not me.The next time you lose something, try the Golden Thread technique. You don’t have to ascribe to a particular belief system to use it, but it helps if you are able to keep an open mind, and speak affirmatively about the outcome that you want (as if it was already true), instead of begging or asking for it to be true.

And so It is!

Playing with the Kids

Playing with the Kids

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