Smiling,… a must read! (no really, you need to read this)

smileAs sometimes happens to writers, I recently wrote what I thought was a KICK-BUTT article, that I just KNEW was going to elicit major excitement and reader response.  When the result was more like a collective ‘meh‘ I was initially bummed. Even my family was like, “yeah, that’s nice – pass the popcorn (yawn)”.

FEEL the love, right ?!?painted heart

The site I write for is fast-paced and there’s so much great content there, I wasn’t bummed for long, but I do think that the piece on smiling has merit that bears repeating outside of the context it was originally written for (a beauty blog) and shared here.

In light of the topics I have undertaken of late – recovering from a tragic loss, single parenting and poverty – some good news, or at the very least a way to FEEL better about not-so-good news surely warrants a mention in my own blog.

I hope you’ll check it out and think about it on its own merits, and how the concepts might apply to your life. You can find the piece, titled The $25,000 Make-Up Essential that’s Already Yours on the FutureDerm site where I am a contributing writer (that sounds so cool, right!?).  Be sure to check the other blogs out, too – there’s some great stuff posted there by writers from every perspective and life experience.

In the meantime, I’m going to follow my own counsel, and,…

great advice!

great advice!

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