Mascara, Smiling and other random thoughts

Regular readers know that I landed this awesome gig blogging about all things makeup, skincare and beauty (otherwise known as Nirvana for girls like me) which I highlighted in my earlier post, My New Makeup Routine.

I especially love getting reader comments– they always give me something new to think about, so be sure to stop by and weigh in on your perspective sometime.

So far on this adventure, I have written about alpha-hydroxy acids, and mascara (twice) and just today submitted a piece on smiling, which you’re sure to find interesting (if not entertaining) once it goes live.

I am using the Retinol product featured on the site, FutureDerm’s Time-Release Retinol 0.5 which I am using with great results, including the diminishment of dark spots (age spots!), the exfoliation up and out of deeply-rooted comedones (whiteheads) and the disappearance of a rough patch that was not responding to my normal alpha-hydroxy-acid cream after months of intentional and specific application.

FutureDerm Time-Release Retinol .5%. Anti-aging face cream that's gentle and effective.I think the research team at FutureDerm is on to something with this product so if you’re over 35 and looking to address some of the common issues of aging facial skin, be sure to check it out! One hint: follow the instructions for use – don’t go big right out of the gate – learning to use products like Retinol takes time and some common sense, like actually reading and following the directions on the product labeling.

Other things on the front burner right now include my “When Aliens Take Your Friends” project which I am offering as a program/presentation to groups in the Pittsburgh-region and is starting to get some serious interest (I’m so excited!!).  I also have a group on FaceBook for young moms who are still paying off the recent holiday gift-frenzy and will be challenged to meet the gift demands for the holidays at the end of this year.  This group, inspired by my own experience as a young mother with a limited income, is on FaceBook and beginning in March will feature a craft or 2 each month that can be made now, very cost-effectively, and put away for gifting later in the year. Instructions, shopping lists and gift suggestions will be offered – and it’s all FREE! Show up and participate, lurk in the shadows – or just stop by and check us out (beginning in March)!

Other things “in the works” are a couple e-Books that I’ll be sharing pieces of here on this blog soon. Hint: they’re focused on life tools for successful living, so be sure to check back or follow me on Twitter @SmarttChick for notification when I post them.

Until then – breathe, smile and do a good deed!

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