Due Diligence Now = Less Pain Later

If you’re looking at this year as your time to improve in terms of a career, do yourself this favor: before you sign on with any college or university, go to this web site http://www.pissedconsumer.com/

Type the name of that college or university into the Search box and hit “Enter”, then READ.

If after reading some of the comments posted, you still feel comfortable signing loan papers and paying the required tuition at that school, at least you know you did your due diligence.

What might you find?

You’ll surely find good reviews touting the wonders of the programs, and the good experiences had by the person posting the comments.

You’ll also find complaints by students that outline what they were promised, how much they have spent, and what their experiences were with financial aid, admissions, and in the classes. You will also learn about their job prospects after graduation. Some are decidedly good with students/graduates weighing in as it being a positive experience, and worth their time and money while others have a much different perspective.

You’ll hear what people think about the rigor of the curriculum and their classmates, and if you’re like me you’ll find some of the comments amusing for their poor spelling, grammar and general structure.

Once you’ve researched the college(s) enough to give you a good overview of them from other students’ perspectives, run the numbers for your other options which include the local community college, state colleges (public) and universities (public) all of which offer online classes, programs and usually at a much, much lower cost.

Last, but very important point: do this background “research” BEFORE you give your phone number to someone in a college admissions office (especially if you are calling about an online school…)

* also check these sites: http://www.rateitall.com/  and http://www.ripoffreport.com/ (type in the name of the school you are considering and read all the reviews before you sign anything!)

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