One thought on “The Communication Cycle Preceding a Medication Decision (ADHD)

  1. Melissa says:

    Interesting blog post/article. I was working on my college paper and recently came across Stolzer’s work. I was, to be honest, really annoyed by her tone since I have a son who was diagnosed with ADHD. Her tone in her work was very negative and I couldn’t help but wonder if she had been around a child diagnosed with ADHD for a long period of time. If I was not dealing with this myself, I probably would not believe it either. I even battled for a long time on whether to have my child use medicines or not. My son does not take stimulant medication and I’m not sure if I would feel comfortable with it. It is not something that is for everyone but I would not judge others if they or their child really needed the help.

    Everyday as I debated on whether to medicate my child, he would come to me crying because he was trying so hard to focus and his mind just wouldn’t let him or he just kept forgetting things everyday. He kept asking me if there was something wrong with him. This was before he knew why. He is a very bright boy and is told this by his teachers constantly but he is very impulsive and distracted easily. Countless times he has gotten up and just started working on the computer while his teacher was in the middle of instructing his classmates. You may say that he obviously has a discipline problem then but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. He is no angel but he tries very hard to do the right thing, especially in school so not behaving well in school weighed heavily on him.

    On the other hand, I have talked to other parents who seem too busy to try to figure it out with their child and seem to feel as though meds are the easy way to make everyone happy or to get extra money from the government, which I do not get. I say all this to say that I agree with you on the epidemic of stimulant medication for children with ADHD but I disagree on the premise that the disorder is not “real”.

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